KARCHER HD 4/9 P 110V Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner order no. 1.520-965.0

    Kärcher’s HD 4/9 P 110V offers professional quality and performance in a truly portable package. Thanks to its compact dimensions, light weight, and built-in carry handle, the HD 4/9 P is incredibly easy to transport even up steps or ladders. The machine has several features usually found on much more expensive machines, like the automatic pressure relief feature to protect internal components on start-up, the Easy Press trigger gun with rotating lance, and high-grade hose and power cable. All of its professional-grade accessories are stored on-board, providing easy access and helping to prevent trip hazards. This tough, simple machine can be operated in a vertical or horizontal position, making it safer for use at height or on uneven ground.

    Features & Benefits

    Save energy and time: EASY!Force high-pressure guns and EASY!Lock quick-release locks.

    At last – work without getting tired: the EASY!Force high-pressure gun. EASY!Lock quick-release locks: durable and robust. And five times faster than screws.

    First-class mobility

    The integrated carrying handle on the front of the machine enables easy loading and convenient transport. Compact design and low weight.


    Vertical and horizontal operation possible. Separate parking and transport position for the spray unit. The machine offers maximum stability in horizontal operation.


    The automatic pressure relief protects the components and extends the service life.

    High-quality brass cylinder head.

    Accessory storage

    Screw connection (M 18 × 1.5) for storing a Surface Cleaner directly on the machine.

    Practical nozzle compartments for triple nozzle and rotary nozzle.

    Rubber band for attaching the HP hose.

    Application Areas

    Façade cleaning
    Construction sites
    Floor and wall cleaning
    Outside area
    Machines and devices

    Alternative part numbers :- 1520195, 1.520-195, 15201950, 1.520-195.0, 1520965, 1.520.965, 15209650, 1.520-965.0

  • Technical Data:

    Current type (Ph): 1 / 110 / 50

    Flow rate (l/h): 390

    Operating pressure (bar/MPa): 90 / 9

    Max. pressure (bar/MPa): 120 / 12

    Power rating (kW): 1.4

    Power cable (m): 5

    Weight (kg): 21.6

    Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 351 x 312 x 904



    Trigger gun, EASY!Force

    High-pressure hose, 10 m

    Spray lance, 840 mm

    Pressure switch control

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